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EzDR Security is a one stop shop for all your Security Imaging needs. In one compact case, you will receive Digital Detector (DR), X-ray Source (Pulsed or Continuous), Security Software for acquisition, storage & transfer, Ruggedized Laptop/Tablet, EzDR SoftwareI Wi-Fi Trigger, DR Stand, Ez Tripod Stand, DR protective armor and every other accessory needed to make Security Imaging as smooth as possible. EzDR Security is a "complete" package that is plug and play.


EzDRSW currently offers a suite of advanced image analysis and enhancement tools including dual energy (Organic/Inorganic detection & lots more).





EzDR SECURITY develops groundbreaking Portable Digital Radiography X-ray Inspection Systems. We deliver portable flat panel based radiography inspection systems for the Security and NDT division.  We are a team of problem-solvers who embrace the complex. You can count on EzDR SECURITY customer service delivered by people with a passion to help —all so that you and your team get the certainty and confidence needed to make the critical decisions that keep us all safe.


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