• Law Enforcement (Bomb Squads)

  • Customs

  • Forensic


  • National Security Guard

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Military EOD

  • Fire Investigation

  • VIP Protection

  • Postal Services​


  • Bombs & Grenades

  • IEDs/Explosives

  • Guns and Ammunitions

  • Knives & Sharp Objects

  • Embedded Electronic devices

  • Organic Items (Drugs & Explosives)

  • Inorganic Items (Metal)

  • And Much More...

The EzDR Portable Security Solution from Pacific Imaging LLC is a highly compact DR based security package.


EzDR comes with edge space options of 3 mm & 6 mm from the bottom edge making sure you don't miss anything. During situation of Wi-Fi jamming as is common during critical situations, it can be quickly converted to tethered mode. EzDR produces high-resolution 16 bit images (0-65,535 gray levels). The detector has an IP65 degree of protection that is enhanced further by our EzDR protective case/armor.


The EzDR Portable Security Solution consists of the flat panel detector, a rugged PC/tablet, EzDR Software license, Air Pi Trigger box, Air Pi Control Box for long range use, rugged carrying case and a pulsed or continuous source (depending on the scope & requirement of project).

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  • EzDR Security DR Panel

  • EzDR Software

  • Air PI Wireless Trigger (for X-Ray & Detector)

  • Organic/Inorganic Detection Suite

  • High-End Laptop / Tablet

  • DR Protection Case

  • X-Ray Source

  • DR Stand

  • Accessories (include but not limited to dongle, USB Wi-Fi converter, Pelican case, Back-pack etc.)


  • Tripod Stand

  • WIFI Extender

  • DR Holder


The EzDR Software is an image acquisition, review, and data management system. It currently offers users integration for computed radiography and direct radiography modalities, as well as a suite of advanced image analysis and enhancement tools for security applications.