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EzDR SECURITY is the dedicated Security Imaging website of Pacific Imaging LLC. We are based in Irvine, CA & specialize in providing high quality Portable Digital Radiography Inspection Systems. We deliver flat panel based radiography inspection systems for the Security applications.  Our team has contributed to field of X-Ray Imaging for over 20 years. We are a team of problem-solvers who embrace the complex. You can count on  customer service delivered by people with a passion to help —all so that you and your team get the certainty and confidence needed to make the critical decisions that keep us all safe.


Our team at Pacific Imaging LLC is backed by decades of experienced professionals who have worked with the world’s most prominent digital imaging companies and organizations. Our goal is to use portable digital radiography in unique security & industrial applications and produce game-changing software and hardware solutions in today's marketplace.


Our products receive our full undivided attention. We carefully examine every part of every component in our systems – from design and material, through technology, safety, and usability - to ensure it’s engineered for outstanding performance and durability. Main focus is to create a plug and play product that works flawlessly in the field. 

 Please contact us with your questions via email at . We’re here to help you fully understand the EzDR SECURITY products, the many innovative features, and the valuable benefits they bring.




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